The Ranch at Dove Tree’s Detox Program

The Ranch at Dove Tree’s alcohol and drug detox program prepares clients physically and emotionally for the challenging work of therapy. When a person suddenly stops using drugs or alcohol, they may begin to experience a variety of uncomfortable physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. People are frequently afraid to seek help for their substance use due to fear of a painful withdrawal. This is why our professional detox services are so essential.

Not all individuals who enter substance use treatment require a complete detoxification protocol before beginning active therapy in a residential drug and alcohol abuse program or other level of care. However, a period of detox is the best option for those who:

  • Are currently intoxicated or are already in withdrawal
  • Have cognitive or emotional impairment (such as extreme anxiety), and need a period of crisis stabilization before beginning recovery treatment

The Ranch at Dove Tree’s alcohol and drug detox center meets or exceeds all state and national standards of care and is fully licensed and accredited.

Our Detox Program Is an Important Gateway to Your Recovery

Our sub-acute alcohol and drug detox center, located at the RDT main property setting, provides you or your loved one with a safe and optimally comfortable detox. Doctor-managed, and supervised around the clock by licensed nurses and support staff, The Ranch at Dove Tree’s detox services are built on compassion and clinical expertise. You won’t find a comparable alcohol and drug detox program anywhere else in west Texas!

Professional detox optimizes a person’s ability to go on to the next level of care and ultimately achieve recovery. Detox alone is not treatment for a substance use problem. It must be used in conjunction with a progressive model of care that gradually returns an individual to a state of wellness that is not reliant on drug or alcohol dependency. Professional alcohol and drug treatment programs will always emphasize the importance of detox as a preparatory part of the treatment process.

The Ranch at Dove Tree’s Beginnings Program is a detox level of care followed by admission into our residential or partial hospitalization alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs.

Careful, coordinated and transitional care is at the heart of what we provide for each of our clients and their families. We are proud to offer all levels of care, including an outpatient treatment program and transitional living services.

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