The Ranch at Dove Tree’s Integrated 12-Step Recovery Approach

The Ranch at Dove Tree uses 12-Step Recovery as the foundational approach in our Traditional Substance Use Program. We also utilize cognitive behavioral therapies and experiential therapies to help meet the individual needs of our clients.

Some programs use a pure 12-step process, and other addiction treatment centers emphasize a variety of behavioral treatments. At The Ranch at Dove Tree, we have created an extremely innovative care model using a 12-step framework. We enhance this with behavioral and experiential therapies and our unique Recovery Resiliency focus. Our 12-step residential treatment program is also a highly regarded dual diagnosis treatment center. Our innovative programs integrate dual diagnosis care into each care plan, ensuring simultaneous treatment of both substance use and any associated mental and behavioral health issues.

Understanding the 12-Step Recovery Process

The original 12-step recovery support system was developed in the 1920s as a way to help those with alcohol problems live a sober life. These steps were not only guidelines but also meant to be used by giving and receiving support through meetings and interactions with other alcoholics. While not a religious program, the 12-step recovery process does encourage a belief in a higher power, however, personally, that may be interpreted. Because of the positive outcomes seen using the 12 steps for alcohol use disorder, it was adapted for use in treating other chemical dependencies and a variety of process addictions, such as gambling, shopping, sex, and work addictions.

Our 12-step addiction therapy process for both drugs and alcohol helps clients:

  • Accept that they have lost their ability to control their substance use
  • Understand that abstinence is essential, and a fulfilling life can be developed without the crutch of drug and alcohol use
  • Foster belief in a higher faith and belief in oneself as essential to sustaining recovery
  • Use concrete steps and specific skills necessary to create recovery resiliency
  • Recognize that support groups are a vital part of maintaining long-term recovery

12-Step Recovery as Part of an Effective Relapse Prevention Strategy

The Ranch at Dove Tree takes a personalized and very balanced approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Achieving recovery resiliency is at the core of each client’s treatment plan. The Ranch at Dove Tree provides holistic addiction treatment in that we care for the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of our clients. By helping create a life of balance in each of these areas, we help create a powerful, internalized recovery resiliency.

Education and shared support resources are as important as the 12-step recovery framework and behavioral/experiential therapies that we use. Our exceptional staff have the experience, understanding, and compassion to help each client reach their wellness potential. Family support is also included as part of the treatment care plan in all programs and services at Dove Tree.

We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about our 12-step recovery process. For your convenience and immediate help, we are available 24/7 at 800.218.6727.