Customized Alcohol Rehab Is the Key to Success

The Ranch at Dove Tree provides individualized alcohol rehab to adults. We understand how complex substance use can be. Therefore, we customize our treatment to the individual needs of each client who comes to us for help. Research has shown that individualized treatment offers someone with a substance use disorder the absolute best chance for recovery.

Rehab for alcohol must focus beyond merely no longer drinking or using other substances. The ultimate goal is to create a way of thinking and acting that makes our clients resilient in their recovery when they return home. Often people have an alcohol use problem along with issues such as anxiety or depression. At The Ranch at Dove Tree, we provide integrated, simultaneous treatment for each person’s particular issues. Clinically expert and personally compassionate: expect nothing less from your treatment team!

Customized Rehab for Alcohol at The Ranch at Dove Tree

Daily life in alcohol rehab at The Ranch at Dove Tree can be challenging. Learning to understand the reasons behind alcohol use and making positive changes in thinking and behaviors is demanding work. At our alcohol and drug treatment center, your recovery journey isn’t a solitary one. Your clinical team will support you through the difficult periods and cheer your success. Taking part in group therapy provides opportunities to be both empathetic listener and open participant.

An even more important part of your personalized care is individual therapy sessions with your primary therapist. At The Ranch at Dove Tree, you receive two individual sessions each week. This sets us apart from many other treatment centers not just in Texas but across the nation, most of which offer only one weekly individual session.

Rehab for alcohol often begins with detox, followed by a residential treatment stay. Residential treatment at The Ranch at Dove Tree is a 24-hour day of structured activities and monitoring. Early treatment may be filled with doubt, fears, and cravings. The support staff is available 24 hours a day when these feelings emerge during the off-therapy and nighttime hours.

The Ranch at Dove Tree alcohol and drug addiction rehab program is located on a beautiful 15-acre campus in west Texas. While therapy here is based on 12-Step principles, clients also receive many other types of treatment. The overall goal of alcohol rehab is to help clients develop and practice the skills necessary to remain sober and substance-free after treatment is completed. This goal is reached through a care plan designed for each client and adjusted as needed throughout treatment.

Customized Alcohol Rehab Services

At The Ranch at Dove Tree, our Customized alcohol and drug treatment programs help instill hope in clients who may have previously lost faith in themselves or their ability to stop substance use. This hope, and the resilient recovery skills established during alcohol rehab, are created by developing:

Addictions are complex brain disorders. Substance use begins for many reasons, and part of alcohol rehab at The Ranch at Dove Tree is understanding each person’s underlying issues. Our expert clinical team takes a holistic treatment approach and provides care and therapy that meets all needs of the person, including:

Customized alcohol rehabilitation at The Ranch at Dove Tree also includes extensive family support and aftercare services.

There are always second chances, and The Ranch at Dove Tree is ready to provide each client with the best alcohol and drug addiction treatment to turn that second chance into long-term recovery from substance use. Contact us now. We are ready to help you reclaim your life!