What Is Holistic Drug Rehab?

Holistic drug rehab at The Ranch at Dove Tree means that we help you find wellness, recovery, and balance in:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit

Holistic drug treatment isn’t a new idea. The Ranch Dove Tree knows that you are a complex and unique individual. Treating your whole person, not just your alcohol or drug use, is how The Ranch at Dove Tree develops and implements your treatment. Effective alcohol and drug rehab must also include treatment of any co-occurring issues. You may be experiencing depression or anxiety or have experienced trauma in your past. These, along with alcohol and drug use, need to be addressed in order for your recovery to be successful.

We have experts on staff who can treat all types of co-occurring disorders, ensuring that simultaneous on-site care is included in your customized recovery care plan.

Examples of Holistic Drug Treatment at The Ranch at Dove Tree

Holistic drug treatment positively impacts your body, mind, and spirit at the same time. Some general, science-based principles of holistic drug rehab include:

  • As body wellness improves, so does mental wellness.
  • When a person becomes healthier and more centered, they are ready to seek a deeper level of spirituality.
  • Physical activity improves depression and anxiety.

Holistic care and treatment at our drug rehab center isn’t a linear, step-by-step process. Each part of your treatment stay at The Ranch at Dove Tree integrates holistic practices. This strengthens and supports your overall recovery. We use multiple approaches at each drug rehab center and in each program, particularly in our long-term drug rehab. The intensive, recovery-based structure of our inpatient drug rehab allows you the time to learn and practice recovery skills and recognize the benefits of holistic care. As you enter a state of improved wellness, you’ll see that simply feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually better provides hope and boosts your participation in treatment.

Our beautiful 15-acre residential campus is a peaceful environment for both physical activity and periods of introspection. Living and sleeping accommodations are spacious, with quiet corners for reflection and meditation. The Ranch at Dove Tree maximizes holistic care with comfort, natural light, and an atmosphere of serenity. Nutrition and rest are also integrated as holistic concepts of recovery.

Holistic Drug Rehab Is Integrated Into All of The Ranch at Dove Tree’s Programs

In combination with a 12-step foundational model, The Ranch at Dove Tree integrates holistic drug treatment into each of our programs and facilities. In addition to residential holistic drug rehab, our continuum of care includes:

Treatment in every program at The Ranch at Dove Tree is coordinated and implemented by a professional counselor. In addition to evidence-based treatments such as 12-step work and cognitive behavioral therapy, you will receive supplemental experiential therapies including yoga, art therapy, and equine therapy, to mention just a few.

Recovery resiliency is possible, even for those who have relapsed or been resistant to treatment. The Ranch at Dove Tree moves beyond the substance use and treats the whole person. Our approach is unique, and we’d like to tell you more! Feel free to contact our admissions counselor at 800.218.6727. Asking for help isn’t easy; we understand how difficult it can be. With a supportive team dedicated to your recovery, that difficult first step becomes a life worth living!