Find Hope and Purpose at Our Texas Drug Rehab Facility

Drug rehab at The Ranch at Dove Tree is a life-changing experience. Before coming to our drug addiction rehab, our clients are intimate with feelings of desperation and pain. During treatment, they are able to regain a substance-free life of hope and purpose. At The Ranch at Dove Tree, we are honored to be part of this transition and have created an exceptional clinical team to foster this process.

Most clients transition through The Ranch at Dove Tree’s entire continuum of care. This continuum begins in residential treatment and continues through various levels of care that progressively allow increasing autonomy and reduced structure. Some clients have completed drug treatment programs in other parts of the nation and come to The Ranch at Dove Tree for the next appropriate level of care. Many people who have relapsed after drug addiction treatment find that our personalized approach is what they need to achieve recovery resiliency.

Texas Drug Addiction Rehab Levels of Care

Committing to drug rehab is about more than committing to quitting substance use. Not using drugs is easy when in the supported, structured, monitored, substance-free environment of residential drug treatment. Learning to understand why someone uses drugs or alcohol is essential. Each person has their own particular underlying issues that contribute to their substance use. Learning to be resilient in recovery means understanding personal triggers and background issues. Each part of drug addiction rehab is individualized and has long-term recovery as the ultimate goal. Our professional therapists have extensive experience, education, and training in providing each of our clients the right type of interventions at the most appropriate time.

Most individuals with substance use problems first require a period of detox. The Ranch at Dove Tree has a medically supervised medical detox unit in nearby Lubbock, allowing a smoother and more immediate transition into our residential drug treatment center. Most of our clients enter our adult rehab program as the first level of care post-detox.

Find Hope and Purpose at RDT’s Texas Drug Rehab Facility

Because each client entering drug rehab at The Ranch at Dove Tree is a unique individual, a complete assessment and history are performed upon admission. Our clinical and support team wants to understand each client in order to create a customized plan of care. We utilize the 12 Steps of Recovery as the foundation of our rehab program. This provides an excellent framework for living a life of recovery.

While each care plan will be individualized, the overall treatment plan focuses on the physical, psychological, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual needs of each client. Evidence-based treatment approaches are used in both individual and group therapy sessions. In addition to 12-Step therapy, some of the other treatment modalities and services at The Ranch at Dove Tree include:

Wellness activities are another way we support your recovery at Ranch at Dove Tree. For indoor workouts, our gym offers the space and equipment needed to improve cardiovascular health and strength:

Improving life and communication skills are central parts of every treatment day in each of our drug addiction rehab programs.

Our licensed and certified specialists remain current in a wide variety of evidence-based and innovative support therapies. This allows the clinical team to identify the best combination of treatment options for each individual client. Care plans at The Ranch at Dove Tree are not rigid. They change according to the needs and progress of each client.

At The Ranch at Dove Tree, the treatment is customized to the client, and this is one of the many reasons that our services are highly successful. Clients are never forced into a treatment regimen that doesn’t meet their unique needs and goals.

Are you ready to reclaim your life, free from alcohol and drug use? Contact us now, and we’ll provide you with the compassionate, informative assistance you deserve.