Tactical Recovery Helps Veterans Thrive

Tactical Recovery Helps Veterans Thrive, Tactical Recovery ,

The front lines of any battle are challenging. For Veterans facing substance use disorder, the battle is especially intense and can have long-lasting effects on health and relationships. However, the battle does not have to be faced alone. No matter what you saw, experienced, or struggled with as a Veteran, you deserve the very best level of support possible.

That is where Tactical Recovery comes into play. This is not the same treatment for alcohol or drug addiction that most centers offer. Instead, it is a program driven by the needs of Veterans. Why does this matter?

If you are ready for drug and alcohol treatment in Lubbock, Texas, and you are a Veteran or other front-line worker, our Tactical Recovery program brings the resources capable of giving you back your desired quality of life. It is a program designed for your unique challenges, providing respect and support while also teaching you how to move forward.

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment

One of the ways Tactical Recovery excels is by addressing both mental health and substance use at the same time, with a very targeted treatment approach. What makes Tactical Recovery for Veterans so different?

  • It is a culturally competent program. It is designed specifically for Veterans.
  • It is a trauma-informed environment, meaning it will not trigger the pain and difficulties you went through in the past.
  • It is tailored to your specific needs through evidence-based practices and techniques. 

We also include Service Member Groups within our treatment program for Veterans. That means twice a week during your care, you will be able to sit down with people who went through similar situations and who understand the way you think better than anyone else. During these sessions, which are led by a certified therapist, you learn how to break that connection of the past with your current life, allowing you to take back control of your future.

Another component that makes Tactical Recovery so specific for Veterans is the freedom it provides in selecting the types of treatment you want to use. For example, you can choose from numerous recreational group options, trauma-informed yoga, and equine therapy. These specific therapies allow you to build confidence, learn about yourself, and build your physical and mental health with the flexibility you desire.

Why Tactical Recovery Is the Best Option for Many Veterans

When you are considering the options for substance use disorder treatment as a Veteran, you need to look carefully at the program to determine if it truly offers what you need to recover.  While traditional treatment centers offer excellent programs, the unique blend of support provided at the Ranch at Dove Tree makes it more effective for Veterans.

Tactical Recovery will help you build a strong foundation for recovering from alcohol or drug use disorder as well as mental health issues. Since many Veterans, even those who have not seen direct combat, struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health disorders, they need a combined treatment plan that works for them.

Why Trust Ranch at Dove Tree with Your Veteran Care Needs?

  • VA Health Benefits: The Ranch at Dove Tree is approved to accept VA Health benefits through the Community Care Network. That means we can help you use your current benefits to get care.
  • Bridge Care: We also offer a Bridge Care program that can help Veterans get on the road to recovery quickly. 
  • No-Judgment Environment: We create a no-judgment environment. We provide robust support, recovery resources, mental health and addiction support, and education designed just for you.

We help you work through the stigma, shame, frustrations, and perceived weakness with your privacy and future in mind. If you have put off getting help for any of these reasons, reach out to Ranch at Dove Tree for a different type of support that could change your future.

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