Texas Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

Holistic addiction treatment is often approached with wavering uncertainty. The Ranch at Dove Tree wants you to understand the myths and facts about substance use rehab at a holistic addiction treatment center. Holistic treatment for addiction does not mean cheap, unscientific care using untrained staff with a narrow and fringe view of healing. What a holistic approach does is take into consideration the mental, physical, and spiritual components included in an individual’s wellness plan. Our holistic approach includes understanding what wellness means and how to develop habits and skills that support recovery resilience.

With a holistic approach to addiction treatment, clients embark on a long-term recovery process with a ‘big picture’ view of how to manage their own wellness. This means understanding nutrition, stress management, relationships, coping with triggers, and how to manage both internal and external environments. By learning more about wellness and learning to create skills and strategies that support recovery resilience, our clients can regain a fulfilling, alcohol- and drug-free life.

Recognizing the underlying reasons that led to substance use is another critical part of addiction treatment. Dove Tree’s residential treatment center provides the time and personalized attention from a licensed team of experts to develop recovery resiliency.

The Ranch at Dove Tree’s Holistic Treatment for Addiction

Dove Tree provides licensed counselors and a wealth of professional expertise to help our clients overcome their personal obstacles and find balance again. We do this by using a 12-step recovery foundational model. In addition, supplemental therapy and dual diagnosis treatment address the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each person. This is holistic addiction treatment: seeing each person as a complex human being and using integrated care to create a healthy balance in life.

Equine therapy with Refuge Services at Ranch at Dove TreeSet in 15 acres of beautiful Texas plains, our residential holistic addiction treatment center promotes wellness and healing. Each part of our facility maximizes the benefits of natural lighting and comfortable, serene spaces. We understand that the environment is integral to wellness and sets the stage for successful programs and activities.

Treatment at The Ranch at Dove Tree integrates a variety of holistic therapies and activities, including:

  • Art therapy & music
  • Personal training and wellness classes
  • Family Therapy (with a special experiential Family Week)
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Outdoor Adventure Program (in our 60-day program)
  • Meditation and mindfulness activities
  • Spirituality group
  • Equine assisted psychotherapy (in our 60-day program)
  • Experiential therapeutic activities
  • Relapse prevention and resiliency techniques are learned and practiced daily
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Health & Wellness: Life in a Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

Physical activity promotes optimal brain and body functioning and wellness. Research shows that regular exercise reduces depression and increases stamina. Our clients see firsthand the positive benefits of our holistic addiction therapy. Moreover, once they start feeling better, they are better able to engage in therapy and the recovery process.

Balanced nutrition is also part of treatment at Dove Tree. It is one of the most important ways our highly regarded addiction rehab center integrates holistic addiction treatment. We do this with great thought and the expert understanding and culinary skills of our chefs.

There are many underlying reasons that someone begins using drugs or alcohol. One reason is an attempt to self-medicate to help control anxiety, depression, or the pain of past traumatic events. We help clients overcome these core issues with the help of licensed counselors and science-based treatment stemming from cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy also fosters client understanding in the motivations and root causes that fuel their behavior. As clients begin to feel more in control over their addictions, new holistic modalities are integrated as part of a layered approach to treatment.

After completing our residential level of care, holistic treatment for addiction continues in each of The Ranch at Dove Tree’s other programs, including intensive outpatient and transitional living.

If you still have questions about holistic addiction treatment, or if you are seeking immediate help, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specially trained intake team is available 24/7.