Dove Tree’s Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Services

Outpatient alcohol treatment services at The Ranch at Dove Tree are an important milestone for individuals struggling with alcohol use. Taking part in outpatient alcohol rehab allows you to return to work, school, home, and other responsibilities. This can be both challenging and exciting. Dove Tree is here to support you throughout your recovery.

Some people begin their recovery journey at the outpatient level of care. For most, the outpatient services begin after inpatient alcohol treatment. Long-term alcohol rehab means taking part in a professionally guided continuum of care. Our caring team of experts helps you each step of the way.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab & Transitional Living

During residential treatment at Dove Tree, you receive intensive care in a structured environment with 24-hour support. When you are ready for outpatient alcohol treatment, you will have developed many resiliency skills and can begin using them more autonomously. You will be living in a home environment during the outpatient alcohol rehab level of care, which for many clients means our transitional living housing or another sober support option, such as a half-way house.

Dove Tree has two extraordinary gender-specific transitional housing facilities in Lubbock, each with an integrated intensive outpatient program (IOP). Our IOP has a 12-step framework but can also be considered holistic alcohol rehab because your customized care plan is created around your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Transitional living allows you to live with others who are in recovery while still having professional support available.

Understanding Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Dove Tree’s intensive outpatient alcohol treatment program requires clients to attend a minimum of 15 hours of group programming each week, with at least one hour of individual counseling weekly. The goals of IOP at The Ranch at Dove Tree are:

  • To provide a therapeutic environment that is conducive to changing behaviors
  • To provide information, education, and supportive programs and activities for individuals experiencing distressing drug and alcohol use problems
  • To establish and maintain an environment that enhances the positive self-image and human dignity of the client and family

During IOP you will be expected to develop personal goals and work toward them. Your counseling team will help you achieve these goals!

In addition to our nationally recognized IOP and Transitional Living programs, we are extremely proud to announce our soon-to-open outpatient services center. This outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center allows clients and families to receive ongoing services as needed for their unique circumstances.

Need more information or have questions about outpatient alcohol rehab? Our admissions team is happy to discuss your needs and concerns. Contact us at 800.218.6727.