Inpatient Drug Rehab in Texas

The Ranch at Dove Tree’s inpatient drug rehab gives you room to grow. Located just north of Lubbock Texas, our inpatient drug treatment is an exclusive, focused environment where you will face the challenges of recovery through hard work, supported by professionals who care. Here, you will discover your strength and learn to believe that you have a mission and purpose in life. The Ranch at Dove Tree’s clinical team and support staff are here to help foster your recovery success. Substance use is not a life sentence, and recovery should not feel like a punishment. With The Ranch at Dove Tree’s help, you will begin to learn and develop the skills you need to live a life free from drug and alcohol use. You will learn to be resilient in a way that not only supports your recovery, but also manages the stress that is a natural part of living.

Individuals with substance use problems may also have concurrent underlying problems or issues. Many people in inpatient drug rehab struggle with anxiety, trauma, or depression. Sometimes these problems have not been formally diagnosed and the person has been self-medicating to help control the uncomfortable feelings. Whatever the type or cause, The Ranch at Dove Tree provides effective, simultaneous treatment for these co-occurring problems.

Defining Inpatient Drug Treatment

Inpatient drug rehab means that participants live on-site, with 24-hour monitoring by certified addiction specialists. An important part of close monitoring is to have immediate support in times of doubt or when cravings come back full force. Just knowing there is someone immediately ready to offer hope and encouragement can make the difference. At The Ranch at Dove Tree, each member of our team cares about you and makes sure that you never feel isolated or lost in your desire to regain a happy, healthy, substance-free life.

The early days of drug rehab aren’t always easy or comfortable. They are also highly structured and busy. This helps with the early transition from substance use into sobriety. Most people go through a period of detox before beginning the therapeutic process at our drug rehab center, but latent cravings and symptoms may still be present when active treatment begins. We are here to help you through this.

During your inpatient drug treatment we combine evidence-based practices with a 12-step foundation model of care. Your customized care plan includes:

  • Integrated and ongoing recovery support by licensed, experienced professionals
  • Individual therapy sessions (a minimum of two each week)
  • Life Skills groups to build on the client’s capacity for managing stress, relationships, and other key areas
  • Family education and support
  • Personal assignments to explore and build on recovery goals
  • Nutritional counseling support (eating well is closely related to an improved sense of wellness)
  • Physical activity (therapeutic and recreational)
  • Outdoor Adventure Program
  • Introduction to community-based sober support systems (including field trips to local recovery groups)
  • Integrated dual diagnosis treatment
  • Spiritual care
  • Comprehensive discharge planning

All aspects of your individualized care plan are designed for long-term recovery resiliency. This means during long-term drug rehab you learn to understand your personal drug use history and how thoughts and behaviors are closely connected. This new skill set creates resiliency. You will learn to be proactive when anticipating or being exposed to stressors or difficult situations, without falling back into drug or alcohol use.

Daily Life in The Ranch at Dove Tree’s Inpatient Drug Rehab Facility

Therapy during inpatient drug treatment may take place individually with your primary counselor or during group sessions with other individuals in treatment. The Ranch at Dove Tree helps you find a balanced wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. This holistic drug rehab philosophy complements our 12-step foundational model.

During inpatient drug rehab, your communication and relationship skills develop through both formal and informal sessions, through living with others who struggle with drug and alcohol use, and by seeking a new life in recovery that is sober and meaningful. Living closely and sharing meals with others are natural ways to practice these life skills. Often, friendships are made that can support you when you transition into sober living housing or outpatient drug rehab.

Because The Ranch at Dove Tree integrates an array of evidence-based therapies and treatment, your recovery progress is more consistent than it would be if you worked on only one aspect or problem at a time. For example, group therapy stimulates thoughts and ideas that a client will later explore more deeply in individual sessions.

We understand that asking for help, and even information, can be difficult. Our admissions counselors are respectful and compassionate and will help guide you through this process. Call The Ranch at Dove Tree now.