What is the Importance of a Recovery Community for Someone in Recovery?

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Just as negative peer pressure and influences can bring a person down and make them do things they know they should not do, a positive community can help build someone up. A positive recovery community is imperative for those wanting to live a substance-free life.

These Associations Aid in Recovery

When a community of those who are encouraging, positive, and supportive surrounds a person in recovery, the person is much more likely to succeed. Everyone wants to feel like they fit in, and this is especially true during drug and alcohol rehab. When a person is able to form close bonds with and feel like part of the family, they will be more likely to act like that community. When the group shows the person they can have fun and live a fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol, the person can see firsthand that it is true.

It is easier for a person in recovery to make the choice to stay sober when positive influences surround them.

The Importance of Community after Recovery

Community is also important after recovery. Support groups are so popular in today’s society because they are effective. Many treatment programs encourage ongoing participation in alumni groups or other support groups because they help prevent relapse. When someone regularly interacts with their recovery community, they are constantly reminded of the things they learned in rehab. They are constantly motivated to remain sober. They are constantly encouraged in their recovery journey.

When times get tough and temptations and cravings come, a person who is connected to the recovery community will stand strong. This is because they have the support and help of others who know what they are going through, and are able to provide real encouragement to help them avoid relapse.

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