Texas Residential Treatment

We offer both 30- and 60-day options at our residential treatment center at The Ranch at Dove Tree. It is important to understand that each person progresses at a different rate during the early recovery stages. For this reason, clients receiving alcohol and drug addiction therapy do not always progress to the next level of care at the same pace, and some may require more time to transition safely out of residential care. Our goal is to ensure the recovery and resiliency of our clients, and we promise to be fully transparent in all aspects of our services.

Inpatient Residential Treatment Center in Texas

Our residential treatment center provides a co-ed track, designed to meet the needs of our clients. Our Traditional Program is a 30-day track and emphasizes a structured developmental approach, establishing a firm foundation in recovery for adults.

Recovery Core – 30-Day Residential Treatment

Recovery Core is a structured developmental approach to establishing a strong foundation in recovery.  This program incorporates the essential components of 12-Step recovery to focus on body, mind, and spirit.  Recovery Core Track emphasizes the first five of the traditional 12 Steps, which highlight the spiritual principles of Honesty, Open-Mindedness, Willingness, Courage, and Integrity.

Through this developmental approach, individuals will begin the healing process and begin to address individual and family issues involved in their substance use and dependency. The Ranch at Dove Tree’s 30-Day Track encompasses:

  • Individual therapy at least twice per week
  • Minimum of 6 hours of group programming per day
  • 12-Step recovery (intensive focus)
  • Developmentally geared life skills groups
  • A “Family Week” program
  • Establishing daily wellness routine (including recreation + nutrition)

Our 30-day program focuses on one particular theme each week, integrating recovery skills and activities pertinent to each critical area:

  • Reintegration of Life Skills
  • Healthy Family
  • Revival of Purpose & Hope
  • Commitment to Service

Texas Residential Treatment Facility – 60-Day Residential Treatment:

In this program at The Ranch at Dove Tree, individuals will focus on working through steps 6-9 to further advance their recovery. Integration into a transitional living community will also occur on this track. The aim in a 60-day transitional living track is to restore healthy relationships and lifestyles in order to build a solid foundation for a sustained lifetime of recovery. The Ranch at Dove Tree’s 60-Day Track encompasses:

  • Individual therapy at least twice per week
  • At least 6 hours of group programming per day
  • 12-Step/Recovery Resiliency focus
  • Activity & Experiential-based learning
    • Creative Expression Groups
    • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
    • Outdoor Adventure Pursuit weekend services
    • Service Work outings
  • In-depth Family Week Programming
  • Continuing daily wellness routine (including recreation + nutrition)

Each week of our 60-day residential recovery track features a core theme crucial to resilient recovery. The Ranch at Dove Tree outlines specific activities and goals that are central to each theme. The themes include:

  • Healing — during this week you will focus on working through stressful life experiences. You will work through the core issues that may have initially contributed to your addiction. Forgiving yourself and others will encourage you to move forward and begin the healing process.
  • Change — during this week you will focus on change and understand that it is a process. The process includes identifying the need to change, committing to change, setting goals for change, and establishing accountability.
  • Gratitude — during this week you will focus on being grateful. Recovery allows us to realize that gratitude is fundamental to well-being, joy, and resiliency.
  • Identity — during this week you will focus on developing your personal identity, paired with gaining an understanding of how your authentic self is essential for lasting recovery. You will explore your personality, your talents, and your abilities.
  • Hope — during this week you will focus on hope. Hope gives us the ability to know that things can and will get better. Hope supports resiliency in our ability to recover and to endure hardships, pain, and struggles.
  • Trust — during this week you will begin to learn to trust. Trust includes trusting yourself and others. Trust allows us to rebuild relationships and repair the damage our addiction has contributed to.
  • Commitment — during this week you will learn the value of commitment – committing to yourself, to others, and to your recovery. Commitment to long-term, sustained recovery is your lifetime goal.
  • Integration — during this week you will learn to integrate healing, change, gratitude, identity, hope, trust, and commitment into a life of recovery.

Our recovery track integrates family services and co-occurring disorders treatment. The Ranch at Dove Tree’s success is due in great part to our holistic addiction treatment focus, which calls for seeing the entire person and not just the substance use. Our residential treatment facility provides just the right therapeutic setting for the hard work of recovery.

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns. We’re happy to discuss how our residential treatment facility may be exactly what you and your loved one need to recover from substance use.