Long-Term Alcohol Rehab at Dove Tree

Young adults in this program receive therapy and treatment for substance use and any associated dual-diagnosis issues, including depression, trauma, and anxiety. This program includes individual and group therapy, life skills training, psycho-education, holistic alcohol rehab, and experiential wellness activities and education.

Traditional Adult Program

Our traditional adult program is designed for adults who are typically over the age of 26. Many substance use issues are linked with co-occurring disorders such as trauma, anxiety, and depression. Our experienced counselors ensure that all issues are treated concurrently.

Dove Tree’s traditional adult program combines a 12-step foundational model with additional evidence-based treatment modalities to help clients improve their physical, mental, and emotional wellness. This program is 30 days in length.

Alcohol Independence Treatment at Dove Tree

Residential treatment at our drug and alcohol rehab center is just the beginning of the recovery journey. During long-term alcohol rehab, you have the time and guidance to understand your alcohol use and begin to recognize the connection between thoughts and behaviors. The first part of alcohol independence treatment is identifying personal strategies and skills to live a fulfilling life without using alcohol or drugs when faced with stress or difficulties. After the residential level of care, transitioning into a lower level of care provides continued professional support as you put these skills to work in a normalized environment.

In addition to detox and long-term alcohol rehab, Dove Tree’s continuum of care includes:

  • Transitional living with an integrated Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • IOP while living at home, a halfway house, or other housing option
  • 12-step meetings and other sober social support
  • Outpatient services

The Ranch at Dove Tree is happy to accept clients who have received care elsewhere into any of our highly regarded programs. There is no requirement to remain within our continuum of care, but we are confident that our expert, respectful, and personalized approach will make you choose Dove Tree. If you decide to continue your recovery elsewhere, we are happy to provide aftercare services for a seamless transition.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our admissions team for more information about any of our programs and services at The Ranch at Dove Tree.