Evidence-Based Holistic Alcohol Rehab

Evidence-based holistic alcohol rehab at The Ranch at Dove Tree focuses on three important aspects of each person: the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Your customized care plan includes specific science-based holistic alcohol treatment that helps you find wellness and balance in each of these areas. This centered feeling of well-being helps you face the challenges of long-term alcohol rehab in a more positive and focused manner.

Dove Tree uses a 12-step foundational approach at our inpatient alcohol treatment center. Located on 15 acres of Texas ranchland, our beautiful campus provides ample indoor and outdoor spaces that enhance the therapeutic process.

Holistic Alcohol Rehab Focuses on Your Needs

Treatment in Dove Tree’s drug and alcohol rehab center is coordinated and implemented by a professional counseling team. You learn to understand the reasons you used alcohol. You also develop skills to help manage the thoughts and behaviors that supported substance use. You will take part in group and individual sessions. If trauma, anxiety, or depression are present, we have experts in dual diagnosis treatment.

Rest and nutrition are essential during alcohol rehab. You may arrive malnourished or feeling physically and mentally broken after weeks, months, or even years of alcohol use. Excellent food, fresh air, and comfortable sleeping accommodations are essential parts of your daily routine at Dove Tree. Progressive physical exercise is also part of holistic alcohol treatment.

Science-based principles of holistic alcohol rehab include:

  • Fostering mental wellness as your body achieves physical wellness
  • Alleviating depression and anxiety through physical activity
  • Reaching a deeper level of spirituality as you become healthier and more centered

Supplemental holistic experiential activities are integrated into your customized care plan and may include yoga, mindfulness activities, and an outdoor adventure program.

Dove Tree Offers Holistic Alcohol Treatment in Each Level of Care

Wellness of body, mind, and spirit is not linear process and does not happen overnight. It is more cyclic in nature, and with effort and dedication it improves over time. During inpatient rehab at Dove Tree, you will learn and practice beneficial holistic techniques. Transitioning into the next levels of care, you will take these recovery skills with you. They are part of your resiliency tool kit as you return to normal activities and responsibilities.

After residential treatment at The Ranch at Dove Tree, you may continue your recovery journey by taking part in our outpatient alcohol treatment programs. Depending on your particular needs and goals, this may be through our transitional living services, which integrate an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Each of Dove Tree’s programs support your ongoing mental, physical, and emotional wellness, enhancing the benefits of holistic alcohol rehab.

Dove Tree’s admissions team is here at any time to answer your questions or explain each of our programs in detail. Asking for help can be very difficult, but the rewards are life-changing.