For Families

At the Ranch at Dove Tree, we understand that you want the best treatment and support for your loved one, as well as a staff that will care for him or her as much as you do. Ranch at Dove Tree is a warm, welcoming environment that is designed to be like a home away from home.

Our staff is passionate about recovery from addiction and disorders and the healing of each person who passes through our doors. Throughout treatment, your loved one will share, learn and grow in their emotional, physical and spiritual health becoming much like extended family to other residents and staff. The Ranch at Dove Tree encourages the participation and healing of families throughout all clients’ treatment, offering weekend visitations, individual and group family therapies.

When entrusting your loved one to residential treatment, Ranch at Dove Tree acknowledges that there are many questions you may have. We understand that each family member who walks through our doors has a unique addiction, disorder, clinical needs and personal history. Thus, each family will have different questions. Below are a few common questions that families have. Any additional questions may be answered by our Admissions Team.

  • What is the cost of Ranch at Dove Tree? The Ranch at Dove Tree provides many unique, personalized addiction recovery treatment options for each client. While we are a designated In-Network treatment provider for most private commercial insurances, we will also work with each client and their family for private pay options and include payment plans and facilitate insurance communication and billing. The residential program includes: individual therapies, group therapies, community emersion, family support and therapy, and psychiatry services. All room and board and meals are included. Please contact our Admissions Team for details regarding specific insurance policy coverage and any payment options.
  • Is Ranch at Dove Tree a locked hospital? The Ranch at Dove Tree has around-the-clock nursing and support staff onsite, although we are not a hospital setting. To ensure that clients can begin their healing process in a safe way, each client is has a medical assessment and support. The property is set up like a campus that clients may move around freely, with staff supervision.
  • How long will my loved one be at the treatment facility? The Traditional program for adults 25 years old and older is a six week program. The Collegiate young adult program is also a six week program. Both programs have the option to complete treatment in 4 weeks, if needed but it’s recommended by our clinical staff that a client complete all six weeks of programming. Many clients also choose to stay longer to participate in Transitional Care. The transitional living/recovery residences: TreeHouse for men and TreeHaven for women have minimum recommended length of stay of 90 days.
  • Does Ranch at Dove Tree communicate and allow visitation? The Ranch at Dove Tree adheres to all confidentiality laws and with a Release of Information (ROI) in place, the staff will communicate with the family. Clients may contact their family members upon request, although we strongly suggest they don’t use the phone for at least 48 hours after admissionThe assigned counselor will call within three days of admission, additionally the family therapist will call you within the first week. Clients are allowed limited phone calls and offered weekend visitation to stay connected to loved ones while focusing on themselves and the healing process.
  • What documents do I need to complete for admission for my child? The first step to admitting your loved one to The Ranch at Dove tree is to contact our admissions counselors 24/7. An initial screening, which can be performed over the phone, and financial arrangements are discussed. Availability, travel and releases of information as well as any required documents, assessments and lab work for admission may be requested from our admissions team.