What Is Holistic Rehab for Alcohol Addiction?

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By Sandy Baker

Finding a treatment option for alcohol addiction is a process that involves understanding all of your needs. The simple answer to rehab is seeing it as a way to break the physical dependency you have on alcohol. You just want to stop relying on alcohol to get through the day. That’s not always enough, though. Rather, a holistic view of treatment is more effective, especially in the long term.

What Is Holistic Rehabilitation?

Holistic treatment addresses the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. That is, the treatment you receive within rehab is dedicated to addressing your body’s physical dependency as well as your physical health needs. It also addresses your mental health needs and aims to provide you with a way to support your spiritual needs as well.

That doesn’t mean you will need to enter a faith-based program. Many times, drug and alcohol rehab can focus on any aspect of spirit and self that is important to you. The goal is to find balance in all of these areas. When you do, you have a higher likelihood of recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Holistic Rehab for Alcoholism?

When you visit our alcohol addiction treatment center in Lubbock, Texas, we’ll provide you with a full evaluation to determine your specific needs. Your customized care plan can include detox, counseling, and a range of holistic treatments designed to promote long-term sobriety.

Holistic alcohol rehab can offer a number of benefits. For example:

  • It supports mental wellness. As your body works through the addiction and withdrawal symptoms on a physical level, it also achieves a state of wellness. You feel better physically. This creates a direct impact on your mental wellness, too.
  • It aims to reduce anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges you are facing. By incorporating physical activity and a variety of holistic treatments, you notice your symptoms of anxiety reduced significantly.
  • By addressing both mental and physical aspects of your health, you then benefit from having a deeper level of spirituality. You learn more about yourself, your role in the world around you, and the value you bring.

When we focus on the whole person, it is possible to restore your body and improve your future. You become the true version of yourself with hard work.

What Types of Treatment May Holistic Rehab Include?

This differs from one person to the next. Many times, you have options to choose from based on your interests and your goals. You may find that your program will include a variety of holistic therapies. For example:

  • Yoga – Often used to improve physical wellness, it is also stimulating to the brain. It helps to build your confidence and brings peace of mind to many people.
  • Mindfulness activities – These are tasks and activities you’ll learn to help you to remain present and to avoid negative thinking. You’ll learn things like how to breathe with more control and how to organize your thoughts.
  • Outdoor therapy – Many people benefit from incorporating outdoor activities into rehab. This can be anything from horseback riding to hiking. The benefit here is on your spirituality as well as your physical fitness.
  • Massage therapy – Massage is beneficial in reducing stress and alleviating chronic pain.
  • Art or music therapy – Finding new ways to express your emotions can help you process past trauma and move forward with your life.
  • Nutritional support – Thinking of food as fuel for the body can help provide the energy you need to progress in your recovery.

Does Holistic Treatment Replace Traditional Therapy for Addiction?

Most commonly, the use of holistic rehab is focused on supplementing and working alongside your ongoing addiction therapy. You will still meet with your therapists and go through group sessions. Some people also need to address mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety with medication. As a component of your customized treatment plan, you’ll have the ability to explore a variety of ways of finding the best version of you.

Within these programs, you will create goals for yourself. These will include things you hope to accomplish both within therapy and as part of your independent living. You may find that continuing these holistic treatments outside of inpatient therapy can bring you back to a state of calm. They can help you to work through stressful moments, triggers, and cravings.

Because of the benefits that holistic treatments can offer to many people, they tend to be a very important part of your care at The Ranch at Dove Tree. When you first meet with our team, you’ll learn more about the wide range of opportunities available to you.

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