Will You Always Suffer After Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

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We’ve worked through many of the common fears that individuals recovering from alcohol and drug addiction face.

One area that has yet to be touched on is this: the fear, worry, or even panic that, when you get sober, you’ll still suffer. Are you finding yourself wondering if you will ever be pain-free, happy, and successful? Or, do you find yourself focused on how difficult life will be no matter what you do? There’s a reason to find a bright side.

First, Consider What You Are Feeling Now

Suffering is a term to describe many facets of the recovery process. Let’s not mince words here. Sobering up is hard work. It is physically painful and mentally challenging. You will struggle with this process. But, even beyond the detox stage, you may find yourself facing additional difficulties. Your body may hurt. You may find yourself with concentration and focus issues. Individuals who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol can have trouble sleeping. The list of problems may seem very long and overwhelming.

If it is going to hurt so badly, why keep moving through this process?

Now that you realize just how overwhelming it can be, take a moment to think about what it is going to be like if you keep using drugs. The pain will get worse. Your health will fail. Your loved ones will leave. You’ll face challenge after challenge.

Staying on the path to recovery offers opportunity and clarity. Most of all, there are solutions to nearly any mental or physical element of pain you may have in recovery.

There Are Good Reasons to Quit

To overcome the fear that life will be “just as bad” or even “worse” after you detox and begin the path towards recovery, focus on what good will come of it. What good could happen in your life after you become sober?

Take a few minutes to work through this writing exercise. It can give you some guidance on how to move forward.

List Your Reasons

Outline your specific reasons for wanting to be sober. You would not be in detox and thinking about getting sober if you didn’t realize there was something good on the other side. Write those good things down on a piece of paper. Keep it with you.

Consider Your Biggest Aspiration

Think about your biggest goal and dream. Even if it seems unrealistic right now, what do you wish you could achieve? Take a moment to consider one single step that you can take towards that goal. Can you check out a local school to finish your education? Perhaps you can download an app to help you achieve your goals.

Focus on One Relationship

Take a moment to think about the one relationship in your life you hope to improve. That’s a good reason to quit and work towards recovery. Take a moment to write down what you need to do to make that relationship better. Don’t put the pressure on the other person. Instead, think about one thing you can do to work towards improving that relationship. Focus on a good outcome.

List Ways to Deal With Physical Pain

It is often very worrisome for those trying to recover from drug and alcohol addiction to manage the physical pain. It may be hard to overcome it mentally – you worry about how long you will hurt. Instead, talk to your team about the steps you can take to encourage a healthy lifestyle and healing within your body. Meditation, yoga, and perhaps even spiritual revival can have a real effect on your body. Take a moment, when you are thinking about the worst pain you have, to write down and learn about holistic pain solutions. Which one interests you the most?

Discuss Your Concerns with the Professionals Who Can Help

At the heart of every negative situation is one end result. You have to decide to move forward. When it hurts physically and mentally to do so, recognize what your body is telling you. Pain signals from the body tell the brain to take action to fix whatever is wrong. Your body is telling you what’s wrong. How can you find the help you need to overcome that?

Start with reaching out to well-qualified professionals. Discuss each one of the struggles you are having and your fears. Then, begin to focus on a path forward. In your darkest moments, when you feel like it is always going to hurt, turn to your experienced team to help you to find a solution to the problem. You can overcome even the most limiting and debilitating conditions. You do not have to suffer.

At The Ranch at Dove Tree, we offer the solutions you need even when you simply cannot see a way forward. You won’t always suffer. You will find a path towards healing and recovery.

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