Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Customized Care with Extra Individual Support

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By Sandy Baker

It’s time to get help.

Alcohol is taking over your thoughts and daily life. It’s even ruining relationships and causing physical problems. When you come to this realization, you need to find an alcohol treatment center that can provide you with the right guidance and support for your needs. Your care should include a customized treatment plan, one that is not only designed to be successful but that also appeals to you.

Can Alcohol Treatment Actually Work?

Is alcohol and drug treatment successful? It can work if you put time and effort into the process. The National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that people who receive treatment to stop using drugs and alcohol are less likely to use drugs and engage in criminal behavior, and more likely to improve their social, occupational, and mental health. In other words, treatment works. You just need to know what to look for and find the right treatment location for you.

What Should Alcohol Addiction Treatment Include?

Individualized alcohol rehab in Lubbock, Texas, at The Ranch at Dove Tree can provide you with the necessary care. Our team works with you to understand what’s happening and why. We treat the underlying cause of alcohol addiction. Sometimes trauma is the cause. Sometimes the cause is an undiagnosed mental health disorder. Other times, your environment or life circumstances play a role in your addiction. We will help you discover the factors that led to your addiction and give you the tools to address them. Your care may include some of the following services.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Working one-on-one with a licensed therapist gives you the ability to work through the complexities of your addiction. We provide you with the tools and resources you need to work through your challenges. This may include evidence-based treatment, such as cognitive behavior therapy.

Detox Services

Many people with moderate to severe alcohol addiction can benefit from detox. This is a process in which you will spend a few days to a few weeks in a safe environment free from alcohol. Your body will naturally remove the toxins over this time. We’ll also work with you to manage pain and discomfort you have. We’ll help you with any medical needs you have due to your addiction.

12-Step Program

We focus on a 12-step principle plan for addiction treatment. We will teach you about the 12-step program, help you to work through the phases of it, and support you as you change your ideas and thoughts. We don’t judge or pressure you; we encourage and support the changes you’re willing to make.

Life Skills Support

During your stay with us, you’ll also work on improving life skills. If you are struggling to hold a job or having relationship difficulties due to your alcohol use, we’ll help you work through these issues. We want you to leave our residential treatment center with the tools you need to do well in the world and throughout your recovery.

Holistic Treatment

A great deal of the healing you need to do is within your body and mind. That’s why holistic therapy is a component of the care we offer as well. You will have the opportunity to enjoy activities that can relieve stress. Our goal is to help you feel better in body, mind, and spirit. .

Nutritional Support

A nutritional treatment program may be a component of your alcohol rehab as well. Many people using drugs and alcohol lack the nutrients their body needs to thrive. Over time, they develop health complications. To heal from and overcome addiction, nutrition is essential. We will provide you with the nutritional support you need to be as healthy as possible moving forward.

Other Types of Support

In addition to these services, you may also benefit from spiritual therapy and support. Many people also seek out family support, including family therapy, as a way of rebuilding their lives so they can go home with a strong foundation for success. You may also benefit from ongoing aftercare services.

Extra Individual Support Can Help You Succeed

Alcohol addiction is a treatable condition in the right environment. Your very first goal should be to reach out to a treatment center you know is going to support you through this process. That should include an individualized treatment plan you feel confident in. You will find that at The Ranch at Dove Tree.

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