For You

Welcome to The Ranch at Dove Tree, where we passionately believe that full recovery from an addiction is possible for you. We understand that entering treatment for an addiction can be a frightening and exhausting process. From entrance into treatment until the time a client discharges from our facility, the Dove Tree treatment team is dedicated to helping each client experience life in a new manner…free from their addiction!

The first thing we hope you will notice when walking through our front door is the inviting and nurturing atmosphere at our facilities. Our staff truly believes you can fully recover from your addictions and disorders, and we strive to demonstrate this from the first time we meet you.

Recovery from an addiction or disorder is a challenging task, and we recognize that everyone’s recovery journey is slightly different. As such, we work to treat YOU as an individual person, searching for your strengths and assisting you in finding your identity outside of an alcohol or drug addiction and/or mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and disordered eating. We are committed to supporting you in this journey! For more information, check out the list of Frequently Asked Questions below. Our Admissions Team may answer any additional questions you have.

  • Can I bring my cell phone or personal computer? Our clients do have limited time to make telephone calls; a phone is provided. You are discouraged from bringing your cell phone or personal computer, as you may only have access to them while on pass. Non-permitted items are securely locked in a safe at all other times.
  • Do I have a daily schedule I have to follow? Our program implements a daily schedule of activities to keep your time structured and to allow for maximum therapeutic benefit, while also allowing daily personal time for journaling, self-reflection, exercise, music, etc.
  • Am I allowed to smoke? Our facilities are completely smoke-free. We do allow smoking in designated areas at designated times. E-Cigarettes follow the same guidelines as above, and are permitted. However, all oils must be sealed and in the original package. You will be provided with smoking cessation options if needed, including nicotine lozenges and/or nicotine patches and other healthy management tools.
  • How long will I stay at The Ranch at Dove Tree? The Traditional residential program for adults 25 years old and older is a six-week program. Many clients also choose to stay longer to participate in Transitional Care. The transitional living/recovery residences, TreeHouse for men and TreeHaven for women, have a minimum recommended length of stay of 90 days.