Residential Drug Rehab Center

Our drug rehab center is not just a place. The Ranch at Dove Tree is a team of professionals and support staff who care about your recovery. Recovery isn’t static. We make sure that your drug rehab process is dynamic, with integrated care that helps you become strong and resilient.

In fact, our alcohol and drug rehab center is a comprehensive care facility that has several program-specific locations in Lubbock. The Ranch at Dove Tree is proud to provide a complete continuum of care, including inpatient drug rehab and outpatient drug rehab centers. At The Ranch at Dove Tree, we take the time to get to know you and your family and provide the caring, individualized attention that you deserve. We know from decades of experience that by doing this, we are able to develop the best customized treatment and recovery care plan.

Our Effective Drug Rehab Process Is Designed Around Your Unique Needs

The overarching goal of care at The Ranch at Dove Tree is giving you what you need to become resilient – not just in moving on from alcohol and drug use, but in maintaining well-being for life. This doesn’t happen in one step or by using one approach. The drug rehab process takes careful planning. The Ranch at Dove Tree has an impressive staff of experienced and licensed counselors who care deeply about the success of each person and family that come to us for help.

Long-term drug rehab (often preceded by a period of detox) is the first phase of the treatment process. Our 15-acre residential drug rehab center in Lubbock is your home during your residential treatment stay. This level of care is intensive and very structured. The Ranch at Dove Tree uses a 12-step foundation model implemented with a holistic drug rehab approach, making sure you improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Residential drug and alcohol treatment also allows you the time to focus on getting better without the stress and triggers of your normal environment.

Next Levels of Care in the Drug Rehab Process at The Ranch at Dove Tree

In addition to our residential drug rehab center, The Ranch at Dove Tree continues the drug rehab process at several other locations in Lubbock. Each of our treatment facilities is light-filled, comfortable, and designed to maximize your therapy experience. A dedicated team of professionals and staff coordinate each program and drug rehab location. These facilities include:

  • TreeHaven for women and TreeHouse for men (transitional living housing with integrated intensive outpatient program)
  • Outpatient Services Center

You will receive transitional services from The Ranch at Dove Tree as you move from higher levels of care into more autonomy and ultimately back into a full life of independent recovery. This hands-on guided progression of services is extremely effective. The Ranch at Dove Tree is also happy to work with you if you or your loved one has received substance use treatment elsewhere but want to continue your recovery with our professional team.

Ask for help. Your recovery journey can begin right now, with The Ranch at Dove Tree team at your side.