Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction is a system-wide problem. That is, it impacts just about every part of your body and your mental health. Finding a way to move past intense cravings and other withdrawal symptoms can be challenging, but holistic care such as yoga could offer help.

Yoga for addiction recovery? While it cannot be the only component of an addiction care plan, yoga may provide a number of benefits to those seeking to heal the mind and body during recovery

If you are struggling with addiction of any form, reach out to our team at the Ranch at Dove Tree for hands-on support. Get care from a professional and see why we often incorporate yoga into the healing process.

What Is Yoga for Addiction Recovery?

Yoga is a discipline focused on physical, mental, and spiritual practices. It works to build strength and flexibility in your body while also aiding in the reduction of stress and pain. It’s a combination of science and art, expression and exercise, that’s been used for centuries. Why should you invest the time into yoga as you work to recover from substance use disorder?

Studies, including one published by researchers from Baylor College of Medicine, have found that people see improvement in anxiety and pain, as well as in their desire to use substances, when they incorporate yoga into their treatment processes. 

The Benefits of Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Consider the benefits of yoga as a component of your addiction recovery.

  • Reduces stress: Yoga is a natural stress-reducer thanks to its focus on learning mindfulness. It teaches you to engage in simple, deep breathing, which can lower blood pressure and reduce overall stress. By reducing stress, you’re less likely to crave substances as a way to cope. 
  • Supports brain function and health: Yoga can help to improve dopamine production in the brain. While substances create unnatural and excessive dopamine in the body, yoga helps release dopamine at levels the body can process with ease. In doing so, yoga supports healthy brain function and reduces cravings.
  • Improved self-awareness: Another benefit of yoga is its ability to help a person become more attuned with their body. This kind of self-awareness allows you to spot when something may not be right, such as an increase in stress that leads to craving substances. It may help prevent relapse.
  • Yoga supports control: When you learn to engage in yoga, you’ll learn how to manage your thoughts and how those thoughts make you feel. A component of yoga is teaching discipline of the emotions–learning to accept and process feelings without letting them control behavior. 
  • Spiritual connection: No matter how spiritual you are, yoga can help to stimulate and support your spiritual senses. There doesn’t have to be a religious aspect to this, but connecting with the environment and world around you can help you face challenges with a calm mind and spirit. 

Replace That Feeling of “Lack” with Yoga

Many people with substance use disorder feel some sort of “lack” in their lives. It could be due to abuse, mental health disorders, limited friendships, stress at work…or many other complications. The sense of lack drives them to seek out substances to fill the void.

Yoga works as a type of counterbalance to this. Yoga helps you take control of your emotional state and general well-being. You learn how to use the breath to relax, even in challenging situations. The movements of yoga help to stimulate blood flow to your brain. More so, yoga also helps to calm the nerves while also requiring your full attention. That allows you to center your mind on what is really happening in the moment.

Yoga can help support a healthy mind-body balance. In doing so, it can foster healing and build a sense of wholeness within every part of your life.

Let the Ranch at Dove Tree Support You

At The Ranch at Dove Tree, we offer a wide range of experiential treatment options, including yoga, to help support full addiction recovery. When you learn more about our program and the services we offer, you’ll find that yoga is one of the best strategies for improving overall health and well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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