How Can a Partial Treatment Program Help with Addiction Recovery?

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A partial care program is one of the treatment options available to you at our drug and alcohol addiction center in Lubbock, TX. If you are facing addiction and struggling to know what level of care is best suited for your situation, we encourage you to contact us directly for an assessment. For many, partial care can provide exceptional results and new opportunities for healing.

What Is Partial Care Treatment?

Partial care treatment provides short-term but intensive addiction treatment. It is a higher level of care than traditional outpatient care. With partial care treatment, you come into the facility each day to work with your therapist and the group, but you can go home at night. If you have a drug-free, supportive home environment, a partial treatment program could be an option for you.

How Much Time Is Required for Partial Care Treatment?

When creating a care plan, we always consider the very specific needs of each person, but most of the time, a partial care treatment program will include the following:

  • 20 hours per week of substance use disorder treatment
  • Group therapy from 2 pm to 5 pm each weekday
  • Evening group meetings on Wednesdays at 6 pm
  • Individual therapy one time per week
  • Meeting with our mental wellness provider weekly

Group Therapy

During your group therapy sessions, you’ll engage in a wide range of treatment plans and techniques designed to support your education, recovery, mental health, and overall confidence moving forward with a drug-free lifestyle. Some of the factors you will cover during these sessions include the following:

  • Accessing community resources
  • Multi-family systems
  • Understanding the 12 steps
  • Big Book studies
  • Team building
  • Peer-to-peer accountability
  • Relapse prevention
  • Safety planning
  • Stress reduction
  • Meditation

Everything we cover during this program is meant to support your long-term recovery. Group therapy provides real, actionable resources that you can apply to your life immediately to see benefits.

Counseling Sessions

In addition to group therapy, you also will work with your primary counselor on specific individual concerns you have. This could be related to trauma, past pain, relationship complications, and more. This is the time for you to get the deep level of care you need to restore your confidence and well-being.

Why Should You Commit to Partial Care Treatment?

Partial care treatment, when appropriate, can provide exceptional support in your time of need while ensuring that you can stay home with your family. Many people feel more comfortable living at home.

If you think you might be ready for this level of treatment, reach out right away. Over time, your addiction may worsen. During that time, it may be more likely that you suffer complications, including overdose or severe addiction. The sooner you take action to get this type of care, the better.

When Is Partial Care Treatment Possible?

Knowing the signs that you need addiction treatment is critical. In some situations, partial care treatment is not the best first step. For people who have overdosed before, who have long-term addiction, and/or who may have a complicated withdrawal for other reasons, a more intense program may be necessary. That may include the first step of detox.

  • You may be able to consider partial care treatment if you:
  • Are committed to becoming drug-free
  • Have not been using alcohol or drugs long term or heavily
  • Have a safe place to live while you go through treatment and after treatment ends
  • Have support from family and friends who want you to live drug free
  • Meet the requirements of partial care treatment after an assessment

When you reach out to the Ranch at Dove Tree, we can provide you with more insight on whether this type and level of care can work for your needs. As a dedicated team of professionals, we want to ensure you have every level of support and guidance you need to thrive.

Looking into Lubbock addiction treatment centers? To learn more about our programs at Ranch at Dove Tree, please contact us today at 806.307.2003.