Find Freedom from Addiction | Alcohol Rehab Near Abilene

Find Freedom from Addiction | Alcohol Rehab Near Abilene

At the Ranch at Dove Tree near Abilene, our goal is not only to help you find the freedom you have been wishing for but to help you learn how to keep it for life.

We are one of the nation’s leaders in addiction treatment and behavioral health services. Our recovery resiliency services help adults make a new beginning and find life beyond addiction and the challenges that come with it.

Find Freedom from Addiction: Alcohol Rehab Near Abilene

Our alcohol rehab near Abilene is located in the picturesque plains of West Texas. The facility has been thoughtfully designed to provide a place of serenity and comfort where you can begin to heal. Building a solid foundation for your recovery means adopting new or improved habits.

Customized Alcohol Rehab Near Abilene

The Ranch at Dove Tree provides individualized alcohol rehab to adults. We understand how complex substance use can be. Therefore, we customize our treatment to the individual needs of each client who comes to us for help. Research has shown that individualized treatment offers someone with a substance use disorder the absolute best chance for recovery.

Co-Occurring Disorders Rehab Near Abilene

Rehab for alcohol must focus beyond merely no longer drinking or using other substances. The ultimate goal is creating a way of thinking and acting that makes our clients resilient in their recovery when they return home. Often people have an alcohol use problem along with issues such as anxiety or depression. At Ranch at Dove Tree, we provide integrated, simultaneous treatment for each person’s particular issues. Clinically expert and personally compassionate: expect nothing less from your treatment team!

At Ranch at Dove Tree, we believe that rest and proper nutrition are critical components of self-care. We have a nutrition staff that creates balanced meals, supplemented with healthy snacks, in order to get you started on a routine of physical wellness.

Additionally, clients have access to volleyball and basketball courts, and a gym. Other amenities aimed at supporting recovery and personal wellness include an outdoor fire pit, quiet reading nooks, private therapeutic rooms, and more.

Our expert team of professionals is dedicated to giving you or your loved one the support and structure you need to have both a successful treatment experience and a bright future.

Alcohol Rehab Near Abilene - ranch at dove tree

The Ranch at Dove Tree’s alcohol rehab near Abilene offers a comprehensive list of recovery services. No two people are alike, so we have designed programs that will ensure each of our clients receive the care they need to move forward with freedom. Our services and levels of care include

  • Detox services
    • The Ranch at Dove Tree’s alcohol and drug detox center meets or exceeds all state and national standards of care and is fully licensed and accredited. Doctor-managed, and supervised around the clock by licensed nurses and support staff. Professional detoxification optimizes a person’s ability to go on to the next level of care and ultimately achieve recovery.
  • Residential treatment:
    • Our Traditional Program is a 30-Day Track and emphasizes a structured developmental approach, establishing a firm foundation in recovery for adults. Ranch at Dove Tree also offers a 60-day transitional living track.
  • Partial care program
    • Participants in a partial care program for substance use disorders return home in the evenings. This allows them to receive many of the benefits of inpatient treatment while still enjoying the comforts of home. The Partial Care Treatment Program is a 20 hour per week substance use disorder treatment program. Clients attend group during the day from 2 pm to 5 pm Monday through Friday and attend an evening group meeting on Wednesdays beginning at 6 pm.
  • Intensive outpatient programming (IOP)
    • IOP is designed to meet the needs of individuals who require more support and structure than standard outpatient therapy but do not need 24-hour care in a hospital setting. Participants in our intensive outpatient program for substance abuse are involved in a minimum of 15 hours of recovery programs initially. Evening groups are available.
  • Transitional living program.
    • Our Gender-specific Transitional Living / Sober Living Program maintains a safe, sober environment while increasing accountability, independence, and discipline. Living in a sober living residence provides effective sober peer support necessary for maintaining and improving recovery skills.

The expert staff at our facility will help you find the program or programs that best fit your individual needs. To find out more about the programs we offer at the Ranch at Dove Tree, please call and speak with someone today at 800.218.6727 We look forward to helping you make a lasting change. Call now!