Is Moderation Possible in Recovery?

nurse in blue scrubs holding out pills and glass of water

By Cristina Utti MA, MFA

In most cases, moderation is not possible for those in addiction recovery. Addiction changes the brain chemistry such that using alcohol or drugs again will almost surely lead to a full-blown relapse. In fact, using drugs or alcohol again can prove fatal, as the body is no longer accustomed to large amounts of the substance and can thus overdose more easily.

Being in recovery means abstaining from all drugs and/or alcohol.

For someone in recovery, even prescription medications can be dangerous when they are opioid-based. It’s crucial to inform your doctors of your addiction so that they can prescribe painkillers or other medications cautiously. It’s also wise to ask a friend or family member to keep your medications with them and give them to you in the prescribed dose. Be honest with yourself, and do not stay on medications any longer than you have to.

Addiction is addiction and will always find a way to creep back into our lives if we let it.

If you are questioning whether or not you can go party, take some time to remember all of the pain that brought you into recovery—and remember that you never have to feel that again. Why risk it? Ask around—anyone who has relapsed claims it gets worse each time. Is your sober time, and more importantly your life, worth the risk?

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