Our Drug Treatment Center:
World Class Care!

The Ranch at Dove Tree residential drug treatment center is located in the breathtaking plains of west Texas. Our comfortable and therapeutic environment is designed to reflect that calm, clear and abundantly sunny atmosphere of geographic location. Our drug rehab center purposefully brings together nature, architecture and the talents of an expert, dedicated clinical team to give each client what they need to stop letting substance use problems control their lives.

Therapeutic rooms, living accommodations and recreational spaces are all designed to support the demands of recovery. Our rural location helps remove clients physically and mentally from stressful distractions that can impede getting better.

The Ranch at Dove Tree’s Drug Rehab Center Amenities

One important part of residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs is the ability for clients in drug rehab to devote the necessary time and energy to overcome substance use and develop solid recovery skills. Each day at Dove Tree is structured carefully, with clients working with their treatment team to make the most of each individual and group therapy session.

Rest and good nutrition are critical parts of improving overall wellness. Our semi-private accommodations are comfortable and expansive, and take advantage of the many days of sunlight that our Lubbock, Texas location offers year-round. Our nutrition staff creates healthy, nutritious meals, supplemented with snacks. We are happy to accommodate vegetarian preferences and food allergies as part of our drug addiction treatment services.

Often when someone has a substance use problem, the days become focused on finding the next drink or next drug. Socialization skills become rusty or perhaps were never fully developed in a natural or positive way. Shared meals at our drug treatment center are a time to enjoy conversation and discussion with others who are in treatment, and practice socialization without the crutch of substance use. We also provide many comfortable indoor and outdoor areas for quiet reflection or more relaxing conversations with peers outside of therapy hours.

In addition to private, quiet therapeutic rooms and offices, The Ranch at Dove Tree is proud to offer clients many other wellness amenities during their drug and alcohol rehab, including:

  • Fireside conversation areas
  • Volleyball and basketball courts (indoor and outdoor)
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Quiet nooks for reading and reflecting
  • Chapel
  • Outdoor adventure program
  • Peaceful, natural surroundings for quiet walks
  • Outdoor fire pit

Daily life at our drug rehab center is very busy. But each day brings hope, and each person closer to a life of resilient recovery.

We provided many structured sober activities to reinforce that life can be fun, without the crutch of alcohol or drugs. These activities include scavenger hunts and a talent show. If you play an instrument, bring it! We also encourage you to bring some favorite movies to enjoy while you are here, but they may be subject to staff approval. Off-campus community immersion activities are also important part of life at The Ranch at Dove Tree:

  • Sober community meetings (such as 12-step)
  • Outdoor activities
  • Service work
  • Coffee shops

These are just a few of the staff supported sober outings that allow a change of scenery, and an opportunity to practice new skills away from the rehab center.

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Transitional Housing Drug Treatment Center

In addition to our flagship campus in rural Lubbock, The Ranch at Dove Tree has two beautiful transitional living homes. Each sober living drug rehab center is located in a comfortable residential home. This is the client’s home as they return to work, school or volunteer service responsibilities. At the same time, residents in each transitional drug treatment center have 24-hour a day on-site therapeutic support.

TreeHaven transitional living home accommodates young women in recovery, and young men live in TreeHouse. Peer support and accountability are integrated into transitional living, and each client follows a structured three-phase treatment process.

The Ranch at Dove Tree is extremely proud that our transitional living program and homes hold Level III certification through the Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network (TROHN), the state affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR). Dove Tree meets or exceeds each standard set by NARR.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions you have about our exceptional drug treatment center at The Ranch at Dove Tree!