What to Look for When Choosing a Treatment Center

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By Sandy Baker

Entering a residential treatment center for substance abuse can provide an opportunity to improve quality of life and health. Yet, to achieve the best outcome, each patient needs a treatment center dedicated to meeting his or her unique needs.

Not every location is right for each patient.

It’s important to compare a variety of factors before choosing a drug or alcohol treatment center for you. As you compare choices, consider the following factors.

An Experienced, Licensed, and Dedicated Staff

The most important component of success in any treatment center is the ability of the staff to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge treatment to patients in need. The staff’s experience and certifications can make any program a true success. That’s because in that experience comes the ability to reach most patients and provide a diverse number of programs to aid in treatment recovery.

At The Ranch at Dove Tree, a leading addiction and behavioral health treatment program, a variety of medical and psychological professionals are available. Our therapists, addiction counselors, and recovery team members have the education and certifications necessary to provide each patient with comprehensive treatment. We are licensed by the Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network and affiliated with the National Alliance for Recovery Residences.

Customized Addiction Care

Expect to find a dedicated staff that’s committed to the success of each person. With a low turnover rate and enhanced programs, The Ranch at Dove Tree provides care for up to 56 patients each day. In a smaller setting, it’s possible to ensure every patient gets outstanding care and support for all of their needs.

More so, each patient who enters any type of residential treatment program must have a customized treatment plan designed to address their specific needs. This may include treatment for mental health complications, chronic pain, and physical health concerns. At The Ranch at Dove Tree, an integrated approach like this provides an opportunity for you to gain help for your addiction and your physical health.

Comprehensive Residential Treatment Programs

At The Ranch at Dove Tree, we believe that a residential treatment program provides the foundation of true success for any person in treatment. If you are struggling with an active addiction, you may wish to enter into a detox program. This is a medically-safe program designed to help individuals to withdraw from drugs or alcohol in a safe environment. There is help available to you for pain and the discomfort of detox. And, medical doctors are available to facilitate help when you need it.

Many people benefit form a residential treatment program after detoxing. This type of program creates a safe place for you to learn and grow. Without any distractions and 24-hour support, it’s possible for you to get to the root cause of your addiction while maintaining a sober lifestyle. Residential treatment programs give you the support you need to remain drug-free while also receiving help for the underlying concerns related to your addiction, such as trauma or co-occurring mental health complications.

Transitional Living Opportunities

Ongoing care is a very valuable component from any type of addiction recovery. When comparing drug and alcohol addiction programs, then, you’ll want to find out what the location offers to you as you leave a residential program. Transitional living offers an outstanding level of support to help you at one of the most fragile moments of your life.

At The Ranch at Dove Tree, we offer a comprehensive transitional living program that includes daily 12-Step meetings, Intensive Outpatient Programs, 24-hour treatment support for your needs, recovery coaching, and much more. The program helps you maintain your wellbeing and sobriety as you work to adjust to life outside of the treatment facility.

We Work with Your Insurance

Take a moment to review any insurance coverage you have. Most policies offer coverage for drug and alcohol treatment. However, we’re available to verify this information for you as well. It takes just a moment to learn more about how easy it’s to enroll in these programs for your needs. Complete our insurance verification form to learn more about how we can help you. The Ranch at Dove Tree’s programs are designed to meet most patient’s needs. The first step is always to learn as much as you can about the location and its staff. Then, schedule a consultation to discuss your immediate and long-term needs with our team.

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