5 Healthy Habits to Start This Summer During Addiction Recovery

5 Healthy Habits

Working through addiction recovery isn’t simple or easy, but it is an opportunity for you to explore new things and establish new routines. Though summer is often the time to spend with friends at cookouts or concerts, don’t feel obligated to engage in activities you no longer feel comfortable attending, especially when alcohol or drugs are present.

Instead, use the season to try something new. What type of activity have you always wanted to learn or do? Perhaps you want to embark on an epic road trip or start a new fitness program at the rec center (that pool could certainly be a refreshing way to relax and burn some calories every day). Make a list of what you want to do, perhaps including a few of the following healthy habits. 

#1: Get Outdoors Every Single Day

Nature is the ideal place to restore your mental health, gain new skills, and get fit while you do so. Make it a goal to spend at least 15 minutes or more outdoors each day. 

That could mean cutting the grass or just hanging out with your pet. Or, you could add in a few fun outdoor activities that could support your needs during addiction recovery. Here are some ideas:

  • Start hiking at a local park. It’s an excellent way to step away from the stress of life and observe the animal and plant life around you. Hiking is also great for stress relief, since you’ll burn through that stress hormone in your body.
  • Start horseback riding. If you’ve taken advantage of equine therapy, you may have come to love horses. This is an excellent time to continue that journey.
  • Take to the water with canoeing or kayaking. Seek out a lesson or two if necessary. 

#2: Get Interactive with the Things You Do Inside

Let’s be real. Summer heat can make it difficult to spend a lot of time outdoors some days. That doesn’t mean you can’t find fun things to do that promote skill-building, fitness, or stress relief.  

  • Head to the local arcade you haven’t spent time at since you were a kid.
  • Get a group of friends together to play laser tag.
  • Set up a substance-free night to hang out with friends where you can enjoy funny movies, watch the big game, hang out by the pool, start a book club, or just have long conversations.

#3: Learn to Cook

Even if you know how to cook, summer is an excellent opportunity to learn new strategies and methods for preparing fresh food. You can take a cooking class or just experiment on your own.

#4: Be Social in a Safe Way

There are many situations where socialization can seem impossible during and after addiction recovery. Yet, people are, by nature, social creatures, and that means we often want to have others around us. How can you be social without risking exposure to substances?

  • Plan an outdoor potluck meal with guests and make it clear that the event will be alcohol-free. 
  • If there’s someone meaningful in your life, leave the phones in the car, hike to a spot in the local park, and have a picnic. Connect with each other in a meaningful way.
  • Meet up with some of your friends at the local recovery house or check out alumni events that could help you get in touch with others from recovery.

#5: Invest in Self-Care Strategies

Because summer is the time of year when you may have a bit more free time, use it to establish some routines, including:

  • Sleeping 7 to 9 hours a night on a regular basis.
  • Practicing mindfulness. Consider daily meditation.
  • Drink ample water to remain hydrated.

Most importantly, find ways to simply relax and have fun. Building a quality life may mean stepping outside your comfort zone, but that’s certainly worth doing.

Know When It’s Time to Get Help

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