Veteran or First Responder? Tactical Recovery Offers Unique Treatment for PTSD

What Is Tactical Recovery?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can occur in anyone who experiences a traumatic situation. If you’re a Veteran who has served in combat, what you experienced, saw, and felt may have contributed to a change in your mental health. It’s similar to those who are first responders who are heading to highly dangerous and horrific scenes to provide first aid. It’s the intense experience that can create trauma.

PTSD is a life-changing condition. The National Institute of Mental Health notes that 3.6% of adults in the U.S. experienced PTSD in the previous year, with 6.8% of people experiencing some form of it at some point in their life.

Experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event can lead to trauma, which makes it hard for a person to engage with life, maintain good self-care, and manage stress. Many people with trauma disorders experience intense flashbacks, nightmares that keep them up all night, and anxiety that can be so severe it’s debilitating. PTSD can also feel like a forever situation, something that’s never going to get better.

That doesn’t have to be the case. Treatment programs, including Tactical Recovery at The Ranch at Dove Tree, can offer a way forward with far less pain and suffering.

What Is Tactical Recovery?

Tactical Recovery is a program designed to address the very specific challenges Veterans and first responders experience. There’s nothing quite like experiencing terrifying events and also  having to put yourself at risk for others in those moments. When trauma results, effective treatment requires specific techniques and approaches unique to the situation. 

Our Tactical Recovery program is designed to provide treatment without making you relive what occurred. What makes it different is the approach.

  • Culturally informed and competent treatment. Our program recognizes the uniqueness and the specific challenges you face as a Veteran or first responder.
  • Trauma-informed therapy. We provide you with a safe, supportive environment to allow you to work through the trauma you’ve experienced without having to relive the intensity of it.
  • Individualized care. Using evidence-based methods that are shown to be effective, we create a tailored treatment plan to address the specific needs you have.

By providing a specialized program, we can confidently help individuals see a marked improvement in their health and well-being. This program has been proven to promote recovery in many first responders and Veterans.

Providing Next-Level Care Through a Variety of Programs

It’s not all talk. That is, treatment for PTSD at the Ranch at Dove Tree is highly customized to incorporate programs that are enriching, soothing, supportive, and educational. You’ll have the opportunity to work through some of the most interesting therapy methods using innovative techniques. Some of those include:

  • Service Member Group meetings allow you to meet with others who understand your experiences and “speak your language.” 
  • EMDR treatment is a highly effective strategy for breaking the traumatic event’s hold on your life.
  • Equine therapy allows you to connect with horses as a way to better understand yourself and others.
  • Trauma-informed yoga can help increase mind-body awareness and calm the nervous system.

You can engage in a range of recreational groups and therapies, each offering a different method of healing, support, guidance, and enjoyment. 

Care That Continues After Treatment

When you come to our team for PTSD treatment in Lubbock, Texas, you gain the resources you need to create a better future. While you’re here, we will teach you how to care for your mental health and give you every bit of support possible to make the future the best it can be. Our PTSD treatment programs are tools Veterans and first responders can rely on.

After you complete the program, you’re not left to manage life on your own. Our alumni programs continue to provide a way for our clients to come back to speak to others and remain engaged in long-term care.

Reach Out to The Ranch at Dove Tree Now for the Support You Need and Deserve

You put your life on the line for others. Let us help you to create a better way forward that supports your future. Learn more about our PTSD treatment program in Lubbock, TX. Call us now to discuss your needs.

We’re approved to accept VA Health benefits through the Community Care Network (CCN). The CCN allows Veterans and the VA to utilize community partners outside the VA network.