Signs It’s Time to Seek Addiction Treatment

Signs It’s Time to Seek Addiction Treatment, Signs Your Drug or Alcohol Use Has Become an Addiction

Is it time to seek addiction treatment?  For many with substance use disorder (SUD), every day feels like a battle. As you are trying hard to get through each day, you may be losing ground in key areas that could impact you for years to come. Addiction impacts every facet of your life, even if you are not able to see that right now. Recognizing it’s time to get help is the bravest thing you can do for yourself and your future.

Signs Your Drug or Alcohol Use Has Become an Addiction

Not everyone who uses drugs and alcohol develops an SUD. At the same time, anyone could develop one. The following signs are common indications that now may be the best time for you to seek treatment.

  • Your use is increasing

Over time, the body and brain develop a tolerance to the substance. That means that to get the same high, you may need to take more of that substance. You may also notice that you need to use it more frequently, or you are combining one drug with another to try to reach the high you desire.

  • Life seems to center around your drug and alcohol use

Do you do any of the following?

  • Spend time thinking about when your next access will be
  • Experience intense cravings throughout the day 
  • Focus on getting the drug and making sure you have something on hand

If everything you do involves access to that substance, it may be time to get help for addiction.

  • It’s changing your life

Take a few seconds to consider how addiction has impacted your life. Look deeper than surface level, even if you think you are holding it all together. Do any of the following apply in your situation?

  • You miss family functions or activities with your friends more often than you used to
  • You no longer engage in the recreational activities you like
  • It’s hard to do everything that people want and expect you to do at home, and that is creating difficulty in your relationships
  • You may lose your job because you are struggling to meet the expectations of your employer
  • You tried to stop but could not do so

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment can help you to effectively stop using, but you may have already tried on your own and struggled to do so. Some people really want to stop using because they see the damage addiction is doing to their lives, but they cannot seem to do so. Something always leads them back to needing to use that substance again.

Why Professional Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Lubbock, TX Matters

As you read through that list of concerns, you may realize that it is now time to get help for substance misuse. How? Where do you even start?

Reach out to the Ranch at Dove Tree for immediate help. Our compassionate team can help you learn what comes next in your journey.

Professional treatment can do for you what you cannot do on your own, giving you the tools and resources you need to manage stress, strengthen relationships, and find the way forward. With treatment from our team, you may see some significant changes in your life:

  • The cravings that take over your mind will lessen.
  • You will learn how to deal with stress effectively so that it doesn’t control your actions.
  • You get the motivation and support you need to become confident in your future.

Build new relationships, improve old ones, create new opportunities for the future, and live your best life. When you are ready for a change, our team at The Ranch at Dove Tree is ready to support that process.

Contact The Ranch at Dove Tree for Help with Your SUD

When it’s time to seek addiction treatment, the professionals at The Ranch at Dove Tree are ready to help you. Contact us now to get into treatment or learn if drug and alcohol treatment in Lubbock, TX, is the best choice for your situation.