Fear Change? 5 Reasons Change Is a Good Thing

Many people fear change. It’s the unknown. 5 Reasons Change Is a Good Thing

Many people fear change. It’s the unknown. Even when struggling with the complications from substance use disorder, you know what to expect every day. You know the pain and the challenges. If you change, what could happen?

People resist change for a number of reasons. Change creates:

  • A feeling that you have lost your autonomy
  • Excessive uncertainty
  • Defensiveness (because it’s hard to admit that what you were doing before wasn’t working)
  • Fear about whether or not you can handle it

When it comes to substance use disorder, the prospect of change creates an unbearable amount of fear about what could happen and what may go wrong.

Why Change Is an Incredibly Good Thing

As frightening as it may seem, change can bring about profound and positive differences, not just in what you do each day but also in your mental and physical health. Breaking free from addiction will increase your self esteem and your confidence in your ability to define your future. Here are five more reasons why change is a good thing for those battling substance use disorder.

#1: Change Enables You to Grow 

Continued use of substances limits your freedom. Right now, at least a portion of your day is consumed with the need to use substances. When you enter drug or alcohol treatment, you become more in control and can make decisions that aren’t driven by dependence. You get control of what you do with your life and what you don’t do. You’ll discover new insights about who you are. 

#2: Change Brings with It Opportunities

Continued use of substances could lead to a shortened lifespan, limitations on the most important relationships you have, and daily disappointment. When you step into treatment, you create a new opportunity.

You can choose a life path that interests and fulfills you. You can decide who remains in your life and who doesn’t. You gain the opportunity to start something new, whether that’s going back to college, working to help other people, or just being present in your loved ones’ lives.

#3: Change Could Bring Forgiveness

There’s nothing more powerful than being able to forgive yourself. If you struggle with emotional pain and trauma, even if you know that it’s “not your fault” you may still face an uncontrollable amount of guilt at what could have been or what role you played in the suffering. 

When you enter treatment, you can learn how to forgive yourself and others. For some, forgiveness is about letting go and moving forward. For you, it may be about expressing your feelings to those who have hurt you and letting them know their judgment no longer defines who you are. Making the decision to get help finally puts you in control.

#4: Change Spurs Adventure

Adventure can have a scary element, but it can also be wonderfully fun and enlightening. Right now, addiction clouds your path and keeps you mired in a routine you can’t escape. You can’t see the possibilities because there’s too much limiting you. When you make the decision to change, you create a new path that you get to define step by step. What do you want to do with your life?

#5: Change Grows Over Time

Making the initial decision to enter into drug and alcohol rehab will initiate a series of changes that continue to happen over time. 

Could change help you to:

  • Start a new career?
  • Help save the life of a friend on the same path?
  • Stop feeling intense depression and anxiety?
  • Build financial stability?
  • Restore and rebuild valuable relationships?

There’s no limit when you make that single decision to enter into drug and alcohol treatment. Call on The Ranch at Dove Tree to help you to start on the path of change. Admissions counselors at our Lubbock, Texas, facility are available 24/7. We’re ready to empower you.