Top Ten Best Places to Go on a Sober Date

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By Cristina Utti

Drinking and partying usually starts out as an idea of having fun, until it is not fun anymore. When someone gets sober, it is often difficult to imagine how to have fun without alcohol. There is a big, wide world out there, and many things to explore and do that are enjoyable. The best part is remembering it, and not waking up with a hangover afterward. Here are a few ideas for sober dates:

Local Fair: A local fair or carnival is a good place for couples to have fun. A Ferris wheel is a great place to be alone and learn about each other. Sharing food, enjoying carnival games, and winning prizes is a wonderful way to have a good time without drinking. A usual case of beer is around thirty dollars and a carnival ticket is about fifteen, so going to a carnival or fair is way cheaper than getting drunk.

Picnic: A picnic is another great way to have fun without booze. If you pack your bags and go to a local park you can bond over a lunch by a river or a lake. If you bring a Frisbee and a radio you can jam out and have a catch with no alcohol needed. It’s a lot cheaper and more fun to create memories that will last forever then to forget everything the next morning.

A Class: Find a common subject that your both interested in. It can be cooking, art, or yoga classes, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you both agree on it. This is an awesome way to spend quality time with with your date.

Karaoke: Even though karaoke may seem better while under the influence, it can still be a fun way to spend your time. You could sing a duet, sing something not in your range, or sing your favorite tune. Singing is one of the best ways to relieve stress. It’s a good way to get to know each other more, and get some laughs.

Board Games: Playing board games is an awesome way to spend some time with your date or family. Whether it’s playing a game of scrabble, a long game of monopoly, or staying up all night playing cards, its great fun and alcohol free. Board games are also a free and entertaining way to spend your night.

Sports: Sports such as tennis, volley ball, soccer, and badminton are all exciting ways to spend your afternoon. If watching your partner run around and do really bad is not entertaining enough, then you could try a different sport. If you are both extremely competitive, you could try a double date so you can play teams and not verse your date.

City Tour: Taking a tour of a city is not only a great way to get to know the city more, it is also a great way to start new conversations and find more places to go on dates. You can also find new, interesting cafes and restaurants. It is a good way to learn new things that you did not know before.

Outdoor Activities: Outdoor activities include hikes, walks in the park, bike riding, exploring unknown places, or going canoeing. Try something that requires teamwork where you can also be alone with your date. Spending time in nature is always good, and canoeing is a blast to try. Being alone on a boat in the middle of a river can be very romantic, so take some pictures and make some memories!

Truth or Dare: Truth or dare is a fun way to get to know each other. Truth or dare can also get romantic and you might get kissed. It’s a fun way to spend your night even though its a cliché.

Sunsets: If you drive to a hill or an open field you can spend your night gazing at the sun rise and/or moon and stars with your date. Nothing is more romantic then looking at the stars or clouds and trying to make pictures out of them. Also you can bring along some of your favorite snacks and spend your whole night watching the world spin.

Once we put down the drug and/or drink and get past the fear, the possibilities of having real enjoyment are endless. We can help you reach this joy. Contact us today at 800.218.6727.

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