Don’t Wait Until the New Year to Get Into Drug Addiction Treatment

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Should you wait until after the holidays to get into alcohol and drug addiction treatment? It’s tempting to put off treatment until the new year but waiting comes with consequences. The short answer is that you should enter treatment as soon as possible to give yourself the best ability to heal and recover.

It’s hard to be in treatment during the holidays. You’ll miss out on family traditions and time spent with your loved ones. You may not want to upset your family by being absent during this time. You may worry that others in your life – coworkers, neighbors, etc. – will be more likely to notice your absence now than in the middle of winter.

It’s easy to make excuses to wait. But consider these benefits to getting drug addiction treatment now, during the holidays.

#1: Going Now Means Taking Advantage of Your Health Insurance

Getting into treatment this year means that your health insurance benefits will help you cover the cost for this year, and if you need to continue treatment into the next year, you’ll have access to more coverage then. If you wait to begin treatment next year, that could mean paying more out-of-pocket for your care.

If your deductible will reset next year, that, too, will add to the cost. That’s common in January when many health insurance policies reset.

#2: Your Health Could Suffer Significantly

Right now, you may feel okay, able to manage your drug and alcohol use symptoms. You think you’ve got it under control. That could be the case, but the longer you put off getting the care that you need, the higher the risk that you’ll develop complications.

The worst of these complications is an overdose. Though overdoses are often linked to a significantly high level of use, they can occur at any time. They are life-threatening conditions that require medical intervention immediately.

#3: You May Have Time Off Now

Many people find they have more time off during the holidays than they do at any other time of the year. You may even find it easier to find a babysitter for your children during this time of the year because other people are not working as much. In short, the timing of getting into care right now is often valuable, especially if you have unused vacation days that may help you alleviate some of the financial strain.

Often, employers are more likely to give staff time off during the holidays instead of when the new year rolls in. More so, if you take time off during the holidays, most people will not think much about it – you’re just off because of the holiday season. If you wait until January, you may have more questions from colleagues about your absence.

#4: January Is a Busy Month for Treatment Centers

Breaking addiction’s hold is a common New Year’s Resolution. That’s a great thing for many people, but it also means that more people are trying to get into drug and alcohol treatment at the same time. That could slow down the process of getting into the care you need.

Sometimes, this can lead to higher costs and limited access to the very best treatment programs. The sooner you get into care, the better your chances are of having a place in treatment and a path toward recovery.

#5: The Holidays Can Worsen Addiction

Many people experience trauma during the holidays. That may come from bad family relationships or past memories that are painful. In some cases, it is this type of trauma that fuels addiction’s hold on you. Going to a holiday party can be stressful because you have to deal with people you do not want to be around or who have caused you pain. That can lead to using more heavily to try and compensate for your emotions.

More so, a person battling addiction is also faced with the impact their behavior has on other people. Do you want your children to watch you struggle during the holidays, creating memories of intoxication or even aggression that they will carry for years to come? Sometimes, getting into treatment is the best way you can help them to see the holidays in a positive light. Can you really make it through the holidays without substances?

You’re Not Alone in Treatment

The Ranch at Dove Tree in Lubbock, Texas, provides ongoing treatment options for people struggling with addiction to all types of substances. We encourage you to embrace care today. Reach out to an admissions counselor to learn more.

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