The Ranch at Dove Tree’s Emerging Adult Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program

The Ranch at Dove Tree’s residential alcohol and drug abuse program for emerging adults is a gold standard for collegiate programs in the United States. You won’t find anything like it outside of programs that have modeled themselves after The Ranch at Dove Tree’s. Our emerging adult treatment program for alcohol and drug addiction treatment was expertly designed by professionals who understand the art and science of true recovery resiliency!

The Ranch at Dove Tree’s Emerging Adult Program is more than a residential program. Clients who do not require initial 24-hour monitoring to prevent relapse can enter at the Partial Care Program Level. Following participation in a 30-60 day residential (or partial care) program, we work with each client to create a plan that includes a year of structured support. Many clients in our Emerging Adult Program take advantage of our supported transitional living at TreeHouse for men and TreeHaven for women.

Residential Treatment Program Designed for the Unique Needs of Emerging Adults

The Ranch at Dove Tree’s Emerging Adults Recovery Program is a residential treatment program for men and women between the ages of 18 and 25. We treat individuals with all types of substance-use problems, including those with dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorders) that can include an additional diagnosis of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma or another mental health concerns. We integrate treatment for all issues concurrently, strengthening the recovery process for each client. In almost all cases, treating only the addiction, and not addressing the underlying issues, leads to relapse. By treating substance-use and behavioral health issues simultaneously, The Ranch at Dove Tree supports a lasting recovery.

Our Emerging Adult Recovery Program follows a developmentally designed curriculum that integrates three primary concepts:

  1. Addiction is a disease that can be effectively treated by introducing specific tools, and developing personal and social support resources for long-term recovery.
  2. Long-term recovery is not possible without incorporating basic wellness practices into all areas of life.
  3. Pro-social identity development results from self-awareness and from creation of parallel values, boundaries and goals.

Each concept is central for building long-term recovery in young adults with addictive disorders. Integrating and internalizing these concepts empowers young adults to understand and apply the principles of recovery as they continue to forge an identity and negotiate their role within family structures, educational institutions, employment settings, and community relationships.

Our Emerging Adult Program is six weeks long. Following residential or partial care treatment, clients progress through a four-tier system of care that gradually allows them less structure and more autonomy. Personal goals are identified in collaboration with the primary therapist, and clients are assisted in taking the steps necessary to meet these goals.

Our residential program focuses on integrating recovery skills and activities pertinent to each critical area:

Our six week Emerging Adult Recovery program focuses on the following areas:

  • Healing
  • Change
  • Gratitude
  • Identity
  • Hope
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Integration

These goals are part of the entire structure of our Emerging Adult Program, from residential, transitional living and into the aftercare period. The Ranch at Dove Tree also offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP) and general outpatient treatment program, each staffed by a team of licensed and certified therapists to help make recovery a lifelong reality.

At The Ranch at Dove Tree, we strongly believe in a comprehensive approach to recovery, particularly in collegiate programs. Research supports the view that the continuity of care – in other words, long-term substance use counseling and treatment – is the most effective for emerging adults. Our goal is to provide the continuity of care that best supports long-term recovery.

Why Choose The Ranch at Dove Tree’s Residential Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program?

Our beautiful, West Texas facility is located on 15-acres that allows the time and space to focus on recovery in an environment and atmosphere that fosters health and holistic well-being. Our residential alcohol and drug abuse program provides individualized professional treatment to up to 56 clients, divided between our Emerging Adult and Traditional Programs.

Some clients require a detox program in order to stabilize acute symptoms prior to beginning one of our residential alcohol and drug treatment programs. Detox in our intimate 5-bed acute detox center in central Lubbock is an excellent choice for the safe management of detox and withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, including multi-substance problems.

Our licensed counselors are experienced in substance use treatment, as well as in a wide spectrum of sub-specialties. We have the resources to provide a specialized component to the care plan of clients with co-occurring disorders, such as trauma or depression.

Each person who comes to The Ranch at Dove Tree is treated as a unique individual with particular needs and goals. Our dedicated professional treatment team and support staff are here to make your recovery resiliency a new, and lasting, way of life!